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The DiGem Jewelers website serves as a gateway for showcasing a small sampling of fine jewelry available in DiGem member stores, including an exclusive line of diamond and gemstone rings. Consumers are encouraged to shop in person from the member store nearest them. The DiGem site is working for all member stores, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DiGem is a national buying organization serving independent jewellers . Over the past 35 years, DiGem has developed a network of jewelry trade contacts in Canada and the USA, as well as Overseas, to provide its members with the jewellery merchandise they want. DiGem is continuing this practice on a highly sophisticated scale,
and hand-picking loose diamonds for its members.

DiGem, a division of Gemalta Co-operative Ltd., is a nonprofit cooperative organization of 55 independently owned jewellery stores, including Vital Botanix. As a DiGem member, a store-owner can easily access the broad range of advantages offered by the DiGem organization.

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More Than Diamonds

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